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The company Georg Fischer (GF) was founded in 1802 by Johann Conrad Fischer as a small craft business in the Mühlental in Schaffhausen. Today, it is a globally operating corporation in three divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions, and GF Machining Solutions. Here you find a short introduction tot he history of GF:

The Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd were established in 1943, built on holdings that were collected in the 1920’. They include the documents and records of the company since its foundation, a part of the founding family’s estate, as well as holdings of different corporate subsidiaries and acquired companies (i.a. GF in Singen, Maschinenfabrik Rauschenbach, Buss Ltd.).


To arrange a visit to the Corporate Archives, please contact Franziska Eggimann, corporate archivist:

Visiting address for researchers and archive unsers (by prior appointment):
Eisenbibliothek/Iron Library
Klostergut Paradies
Klostergutstrasse 4
8252 Schlatt TG / Switzerland

Management in front of new GF Plant III in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1923.